Color Wow

Color Wow: The Beauty Problem Solvers

For decades, Color Wow have changed women’s lives by solving unmet beauty problems with innovative products. And now, with Color Wow, we’re solving every issue related to color-treated hair.

Color Wow

Full Range of Color Wow Products

At Storm Hairdressing, we stock the full range of Color Wow products, including SHAMPOO, CONDITIONERS, COCKTAIL PRODUCTS, STYLING PRODUCTS & ROOT COVER UP PRODUCTS.

About Color Wow

Gail Federici, Color Wow CEO and “chief problem solver” was born with frizzy hair.

It was her personal struggles, and in-depth understanding of all the challenges and angst related to this hair type, that led to creation of the first hair care range dedicated to solving all the issues with frizzy hair.

The result was a global phenomenon: a life changing beauty option for women plagued with frizz.

And… the mantra that has driven our unique product development process for decades:


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